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Genetic Conditions

An extensive list of A-Z list of genetic conditions and information.

Support Services

More than 80 different support services connecting you with others.

GA's Projects

Take a look at our latest projects supporting genetic conditons.

About us

Genetic Alliance Australia is a tax-deductible registered charity, was formed in 1988 to provide peer support and information for individuals and families affected by a rare genetic condition/rare disease.

GA Australia is proud to announce we now have QIP (Quality Innovation Performance) Accreditation in accordance with the requirements of the NSW Disability Services Standards.

Latest News

Painful Genes Dr Suzanne Hawkins

  • 28th April 2021

Dr Sue Hawkins explores chronic pain caused by genetic conditions, with a focus on Dercum's disease and Ehlers Danlos syndrome.... Details

Genetic Alliance Australia Genetic Disorders Awareness online 2020

... Details

Psychological Support for TMAU - Dr Sue Hawkins

  • 14/10/2020

With particular reference to Trimethylaminuria (TMAU), Dr Sue Hawkins talks about psychological aspects of having a genetic condition that may cause shame or embarrassment.... Details

Genetic Tele Health

If you hare having difficulties locating the health services you need, Genetic Alliance has partnered with Patient Pathways Telehealth Nurse Pilot to assist our clients. This link will take you to a booking form for a return call from this service.

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